It's time to play the
leading role in your life!

Every unshakeable woman lives with and stands by a strong personal brand.  Own your voice and be UNAPOLOGETIC about it!

You have come to the right place if you are...

-  exhausted from being overextended with not being able to say NO
- wasting too much time doing things you don't want to do
- surrounded by toxic people
- are struggling in a dysfunctional relationship
- tired of being stuck in the same behavior/pattern that keeps you going five steps forward and ten steps backwards


Download your free ebook and jumpstart your journey towards living the BEST version of you and be unapologetic about it!!


The time is here to take charge and walk down the red carpet of life!

Here you will feel safe, understood, and most importantly you will feel empowered to make lasting changes in your life.​

So you can have the badass
clarity and confidence  to...

- wake up to more joy and passion every day
- be more inspired by what you love to do most
- Live empowered and feel safe and understood
- connect deeply with your internal voice of truth
- have more joy and passion in your work
- feel beautiful in your body and confident in your skin
- enhance your communication and improve your
   relationship with people
- be emotionally strong to love and be loved
- achieve greater financial freedom
- be so in love with yourself that you will attract more
   love and abundance to yourself.
- create the ideal Personal Brand Message that resonates
   with who you are and bring it to every area of your life
- Be the STAR of your own life
- It all starts with your own certainly in yourself and the
   clarity around your personal brand and unique superpower!   

8-week Personal Brand Hack Masterclass

This is where you are heard, seen and understood. It's time to upgrade your self-image by defining your unique story and owning your truth as you start designing the life of your dreams.

Keeping you committed to you!
Masterclass limit is 25 ladies!
Regular $1,497 
$997 before Dec 3, 2021

- 1 x 1:1 coaching session with Susan 
- 1 x 1:1 personal branding session with Alexia
- 8 LIVE weekly Q&A group empowerment calls
- A tailored personal brand report with your life script
- Accountability partner to hold you accountable to YOU

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This is HOW we will work with you
to define your unique script as
the leading lady in your life!


Simplify your thoughts, set the RIGHT goals and achieve more certainty by learning how to take focused action and take greater strides towards what you really want.

Group Coaching

Hot seat coaching, live Q&A to get clarity on current life issues, learn life strategies and stay motivated on your goals. This is where you will be seen, be heard and belong!

Accelerated results

Clarity enhances decision making while learning how to evaluate results, be supported through life lessons and pivot towards goals.


Our live community is a collective of empowered women who shares the passion of elevating one another. You can ask questions and receive answers all the time. This platform is meant to propel you towards your goals and dreams.


Your chances of achieving goals is 95% is you have an accountability partner.  Isn't it more fun to grow together? Women elevating women? Hell yes! We are not meant to do life alone so let's soak in this love!

Your Life Script

The greatest empowerment comes with understanding, integrating and owning your own personal story. We will together devise your life script and discover what your superpower really is. This is when you become invincible!

Meet the Experts!

Alexia Melocchi aka the Heart of Show Business and Susan Hum aka The LoveHacker are women on a mission to help every heart-centered woman in the world unleash her greatness and become unshakeable!

We are thrilled and excited to combine our superpowers in creating this amazing opportunity to help every woman stand in truth and own their personal brand!

Alexia Melocchi

Film Producer/Entrepreneur

My secret sauce to success in Hollywood & show business is staying committed to my personal truth - always! xoxo

Susan Hum

Master Coach/Mentor also know as The LoveHacker

It's time to hack your heart and reveal your truth because it's the most beautiful part of who you are and where you are free! xoxo