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Date & Time:       SATURDAY AUGUST 19th, 2018,   Full Day 9am – 4pm

Location:             3 Place Ville Marie, 4th floor, Montreal

Price:                    $247.00 per person, tax included (maximum 10 people)


  *Price includes coffee/tea, snacks and lunch (please inform us of any food allergies).

Early Bird Rate


Are you looking for the key to unlocking the secret to success, happiness and fulfillment? This is the workshop for you!


We are all taught to believe that if we just know “more”, we will find all the answers to achieving everything we want out of life but it’s NOT that simple. The secret lies in how you deeply perceive yourself… your Self Image. Confidence isn’t something we’re born with, it’s developed.


If you’re raised with praise, it’s likely you have a very strong self-esteem and belief in you. If you grew up with criticism or high demands or if you experienced a so-called high emotional impact in life (highly emotional event like loss of a loved one, business crash, being let go from a job you loved, break up, divorce and so on) confidence crumbles and most of us don’t have the technology to change it into a better model.


Repeating a behavior that has continually given you no results will not all of sudden change. We can never outperform our deepest, subconscious thoughts about ourselves. The thoughts of who we are, how much we’re worth and what we’re capable of set a limit to our accomplishment. We’re the only ones who can identify and change our self-image and if you’re looking to make a leap with your results, you first need to become the person who has accomplished these results, mentally and in your daily activities. Learn how to change the image of you and watch your results skyrocket!


Are you interested in:


– growing your business, improve your ability to sell?Building your confidence at job interviews, selling & presenting your business ideas
– attracting your partner or transforming current relationships
– learning the power of influence and making friends
– enhancing your fitness & get fit
– and more…


It’s not who I am that’s holding me back. It’s who I think I’m not.


” A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success. – Joyce Brothers


This workshop will teach you the following:


– Where does our self esteem come from and identify your own limiting beliefs
– How to replace your negative self-talk into healthy, empowering thoughts that will create the results you want in your life
– How to think, act & feel like the person who has accomplished your goals now
– and more…


JOIN US for our one day MIND MASTERY WORKSHOP, August 19th from 9:00am to 4:00pm at our downtown office (in Place Ville Marie).


You will not only gain a greater understanding of how your mind works but more importantly, you will walk away with the empowerment you need to create the life you desire. It’s time to stop reacting and living as a victim to life’s circumstances and be free to start being the creator of your life story!


TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR EARLY BIRD RATE of $197.00. Contact us for more details about our special rates.


HURRY AND REGISTER NOW! Classes are limited to maximum 10 as we want everyone to get one on one quality coaching time.


SPECIAL OFFER! Would you like to volunteer as a participant for a live demo in front of the group? Let us know ( … this could be just what you have been waiting for! It will shift your life into new possibilities!


* Price includes coffee/tea,snacks and lunch (vegetarian).
** Registration begins at 8:30am.