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Date & Time:       SUNDAY JULY 8th, 2018,   Full Day 9am – 4pm

Location:             3 Place Ville Marie, 4th floor, Montreal

Price:                    $247.00 per person, tax included (maximum 10 people)

  *Price includes coffee/tea, snacks and lunch (please inform us of any food allergies).


Are you someone who…


  • craves financial freedom to do the things you want to do in life?
  • is running a direct selling business and wants to take your business or career to that next level?
  • is driven to succeed?
  • is tired of being stuck in the same behavior/pattern that keeps going five steps forward and ten steps backwards?


If so then this one day workshop is for you. Susan will guide you to look within yourself, so you can find your own inner wisdom and realize your talents and strengths.


The key to success in building any business or career is developing the strong ability to sell with ease. With 25 years of sales and leadership coaching experience, Susan has developed a way to sell that requires very little effort and focuses on understanding our own perceptions around money and relationships.


Our philosophy to true happiness is achieving abundance on all levels of life; health, wealth, love and family. And YES, we CAN have it ALL and Susan will show you how.


Mind Mastery benefits will help you to:


  • re-establish your connection to that voice inside yourself;
  • understand your old limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from moving forward;
  • understand how your mind works;
  • reconnect with your true passions;
  • create a life full of everything you WANT.


Here you will feel safe, understood, and most importantly you will feel empowered to make lasting changes in your life.


You ask…


HOW do I take that first step?
HOW do I get started on achieving the freedom to move forward and gain significant results in my life?


It all starts with the way we think. Thoughts affect everything we create and do in our lives. Our external world and current results are simply a reflection of our thinking and patterns.


To create more balance, harmony, time, money and freedom in your life, you must start thinking differently than you are right now.
Something we hear quite often is… “I already think positive”, “I already know this” or “I’ve read lots of books on this”… So we ask then why are you not getting the results you crave?


The truth is our minds are a powerful and complex part of whom we are and when we begin to understand how to use it we create the results we seek. We wouldn’t deliberately set ourselves up with negative results and yet that is often what we get; No, we have to understand the source and that’s in the way we think! Change your thinking and you change your life.


JOIN US for our one day MIND MASTERY WORKSHOP, Sunday July 8th @ 9:00am to 4:00pm in Montreal.


You will not only gain a greater understanding of how your mind works but more importantly, you will walk away with the empowerment you need to create the life you desire. It’s time to stop reacting and living as a victim to life’s circumstances and start being the creator of your life story and manifest your desires!


When you change your thinking the magic is you get what you want easily and inevitably. This event could change everything for you!!


HURRY AND REGISTER NOW! Classes are limited to maximum 10 as we want everyone to get one on one quality coaching time.


SPECIAL OFFER! Would you like to volunteer as a participant for a live demo in front of the group? Let us know ( … this could be just what you have been waiting for! It will shift your life into new possibilities!


* Price includes coffee/tea, snacks and lunch.
** Registration begins at 8:30am.