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Proctor Gallagher Institute



Bob Proctor has been the foremost authority in the personal and professional development field for more than half a century. He has dedicated his adult life to helping a world of individuals realize and act on the greatness they already possess within themselves. He’s widely regarded as the grandfather of personal development, and when it comes to mastering the mind – he is simply the best. When Bob Proctor’s life changed dramatically in the 1960s, he wanted nothing more than to teach others how to change their lives. Unfortunately, he didn’t fully understand how he did it, so he set out on a mission to figure it out. After nearly 10 years of extensive study, Bob found his answer: He had changed his paradigm.


We believe that, rather than hammering information into our heads, education is becoming aware of and developing what we already have inside. We substantiate the following words from the remarkable Napoleon Hill.


“An educated person is not, necessarily, one who has an abundance of general or specialized knowledge. An educated person is one who has so developed the faculties of the mind that he may acquire anything he wants, or its equivalent, without violating the rights of others.”


Experience has shown that real success comes from drawing the unique desires and interests, skills, and talents out of each person by developing the mental faculties. And so we concentrate on teaching our audience how the mind really works, and how to expand and develop it to create extraordinary living for themselves and others.


The Art of Goal Achieving


The Art of Goal Achieving is designed to bridge the gap between where you are and anywhere you want to go. It will inspire you to go after and achieve a big, audacious goal in 2019. This process will shift your perception of who you truly are and what you’re capable of doing for the rest of your life.


The Art of Goal Achieving will show you how to achieve anything you want:


  • Financial security
  • Personal property
  • The ideal job or business
  • Satisfying relationships
  • Improved health
  • A rewarding and enjoyable life
  • And more

LIVE Stream Details


The Art of Goal Achieving will be held in front of a live audience on January 10th-13th.


The entire event will be streamed so you can watch it LIVE from your computer or mobile device. Plus, you’ll have access to the replay for 14 days.



Six Minutes to Success


“Change is inevitable but personal growth is a choice.” – Bob Proctor


Get immediate access to Bob’s video now for results that stick… watch here!
If you’ve ever felt like success is slipping between your fingers you need to consider this.

Are you too busy working to spare any time for your development?


Then, you’re too busy earning a living to enjoy real and meaningful success!


Because the truth is, if you’re doing the same thing day in and day out, you’re not growing. The result is you’re going to get the same results year after year, with only gradual—if any—improvement.


If you want to make real money and achieve your heart’s deep desires, putting in more hours at work won’t help you.  However, changing your mindset and certain habits will.


Magic in Our Minds


We all have Magic in Our Minds-an untapped resource of our higher mental faculties that’s designed to help us achieve ANYTHING we truly want … IF we know how to use them properly.


As someone who is goal-oriented you already know the importance of having positive and productive thoughts. In fact, it’s so important that it’s the barrier between mediocrity and extravagant success.


Start living from the inside out, and experience the magic and power of your marvelous mind.  Learn more here!


The Streaming Club with Bob Proctor


An All Access Pass to getting what you Actually want in life…

more freedom, money and fulfillment.

In the Streaming Club we have the unique opportunity to join Bob Proctor several times a month for study sessions, powerful lessons, personal insights and we can even pick their brains on a regular basis. I think you would love and really benefit from joining… we can support one another, through the material; in having the life we’ve always dreamed of, together!  Learn more here!