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Bring Your Dreams to Reality

Bring Your Dreams to Reality

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How many of us remember our childhood, sitting in a classroom staring out the window, lost in our imagination, in our daydreams?

Or as a teenager, I had grand dreams of freedom and of achieving great things in life; make a lot of money, freedom to travel and explore the world to my heart’s content, free of worries or concerns.

But, as I got older, the challenges of life started hitting me one by one and each time I was knocked down, it became more and more difficult to hold onto my dreams. Fears started kicking in. Disappointments started to pile up. That once vivid dream of freedom and success began to dim.

This is when people stop believing in their dreams. They accept their results as a fact of life and they are simply a victim to circumstances. But, what if I tell you anything is possible, that dreams can come true and that you can CREATE the life you WANT? It’s a just matter of CHOICE. You can start BELIEVING as you once did when you were young.

Small children are often discouraged from daydreaming. I remember being constantly jolted out of my imaginary state and told to “pay attention”. There is nothing bad about this in and of itself but there is a consequence. I learned at a young age, at a very subconscious level, that dreaming was not important and that is was a waste of time. But let’s remember something… Every major accomplishment in history started and ended with a dream. Martin Luther King dreamed that black people would be freed from slavery and discrimination. John F. Kennedy dreamed that man will be sent to the moon. The Wright brothers held onto their dream that we can fly, notwithstanding everyone around them telling them they will fail because mankind in flight was essentially inconceivable.

So how did these great visionaries maintain their dreams to the end? Dr. Lee Pulos, a clinical psychologist and authority of the mind, found that in order for change to occur, there are 3 basic behaviors that must be present:  Desire, Visualization and Expectation.

There has to be a strong Desire for change. Don’t limit your desires to what you believe you can have or attain based on what you are told or on your past experiences. You have to give yourself a chance to dream and to risk.

I am someone so planted in reality that I’ve often struggled to get very creative with my own dreams. It is so important to free our imagination as it is the mental faculty from which our visions arise.  Seeing is achieving!

Visualization can be the most powerful tool you can ever use for achievement. It gives you the power to overcome the roadblocks you encounter to progress. It makes your path to success so real that you can almost feel it, hear it, smell it, as well as see it in the mind’s eye. Use your imagination to create mental movies of your desired goals.

Expectation is a mindset, an attitude. If you listen to most people, they want a better way of life. They want a better income. They want to improve their relationships. They want a better job. They want, they want, they want. But many of these same people do not actually expect it to happen. When you desire something and you do not expect it, you are mentally engaged in wishful thinking, and wishful is just that … wishful thinking.

Studies made of the lives of thousands of successful people have shown they all radiate confidence and assurance. They expect success and they get success. They have an attitude about themselves and about life that actually attracts success. There is a way about them and you feel it right as soon as they enter a room or a space.

There are no limits except the ones we impose upon ourselves. Let’s face it, most of us have self-imposed barriers that inhibit our success, obstacles within our mind that stop us from moving forward. “I’m not good enough,” “I’m not fast enough”, “I’m not smart enough” … our own voice judging our abilities and potential. The remarkable fact is that we have all the power within us to change our thoughts. The slightest adjustment in our thinking can manifest the most positive results. It’s time to start believing that we can BE, DO and HAVE anything we want.

So if you are finding that there is something more you want out of life, then allow yourself to dream again. It’s like driving a car and the car always goes where you are looking. Try turning your head to the right or left and you will notice that your car will automatically go where you are looking. Life is the same. Keep looking forward towards your dream because that’s where your body will take you. Once you feel the emotions tied to where you see yourself in the future, you will start seeing the beauty around you as you go towards your ultimate goal. The journey will give you your purpose and you will start bringing your dreams to reality.




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