Susan Hum | The Low-Down on Spirituality
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The Low-Down on Spirituality

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Have you ever been asked to define, in one word, who you are and what you are all about?  Some may say they are an extrovert? Introvert? Loud? Funny?  Intellectual?  These are safe descriptions aren’t they?   Well, what if I say that I am Spiritual?

For over 20 years, I have strived to live a life of spirituality but I’ve never really come out and stated that. Early on, if I were to even use the word Spiritual, some reactions I have experienced included silence, changing of subject, discomfort and in essence, negative judgement.  Of course I am completely aware there is still a colossal lack of understanding and rejection on the subject of holistic wellness, however, today we all have, one way or another, been forced to come face to face with our own “spirituality”.

Let’s truly define what it means to be Spiritual…. It is NOT a religion.  I do not go to Church, I don’t fear a God/Deity, I have never read the bible nor do I feel I need to.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against anyone who is religious and I respect their path…. But that’s not me.

The practice of spirituality encompasses holistic wellness and is an absolute reflection of your inner self and understanding that you must take accountability for all positive and negative things that happens in your life.  Even more importantly, we must accept and love all the good and not-so-good aspects of ourselves.  To be spiritual is to attain absolute self-empowerment or self-actualization.  In the earlier works of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, self-actualization was the 5th and highest level of human motivation.  Further studies of Maslow’s pyramid found, within his private journals and later work, that there were in fact six level of needs with Self-Transcendence at the 6th and final level.  Self-Transcendence is the desire is to go beyond our ordinary human level of consciousness and experience oneness with the greater whole, the higher truth, or whatever that may be.

I choose to live a life of holistic wellness and mindfulness.  This is a lifestyle, not just a belief or fad.  It is not a religion where there are “rules” to adhere to.  There is no judgement.  There is NO “god” who will strike down and punish me if I should do something “wrong”.  The only punishing that exists is self-punishment.  Today, my existence is based on a deep connection with my inner wisdom, my intuition.  This give me the greatest sense of trust, not only in myself but in the world around me.

This way of life has manifested every one of my dreams and has given me a life of abundance that leaves me humbled and forever grateful.  It has taken me 25 years of self-punishment, self-reflection, self-honesty, and self-disclosure all to have reached my ultimate true self today…  I will deliver authenticity to all those who cross my path and I will give back to The Universe (more on that later) for all that I have learned and all that I have been given by ensuring everyone that comes across my path from this moment onward walks away enlightened!

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