Susan Hum | Secret To Looking Younger… Letting Go With Love…
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Secret To Looking Younger… Letting Go With Love…

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What woman out there doesn’t want it all: brains, beauty, health and the power to make a great difference in the world?  Like former First Lady Michelle Obama, every woman in the world wants to exude that level of confidence and beauty.  Well, I can tell you, those qualities were not simply dropped into her lap.  Like every empowered woman in the world, there is a long road of self-discovery and hard work behind her.

My mom is 69 years old but looks 50.  I’ve always been so amazed with her and I have the utmost respect for her inner strength and peace.  Although I have long asked for her youthfulness secrets, she has always told me that she has never done anything outside of just being herself.   She doesn’t use expensive skin products and wears minimal makeup.  As I now look back into my childhood, for as long as I have known her, the one quality that remains consistent over time is her authenticity.   Hhhhmmm … what a simple concept, yet why is it so difficult for most people to be “authentic”?

Throughout our lives, we’ve been told that exercise and eating healthfully will lead us to longevity and well-being.  So we now live in a health-conscious society of exercise and diet obsession.  That’s all great; however, there is no guarantee that diet and exercise will lead us to inner peace nor forever looking (and feeling) young.  How many people do you know who are obsessively careful with what they eat and/or exercise a lot, yet they look 10 years older than their age and are not truly happy?? …  This was the reason for my quest to find the secrets of how to avoid premature aging and to always look/feel youthful.

Like my mom, the one common denominator I found within women who look younger than they are is authenticity.  These women know themselves very well.  They are honest with themselves not only with their positive aspects but they also accept those negatives qualities that exist within all of us.  They don’t judge themselves and in turn, they don’t judge others either.  There is a level of compassion that exists within these women that allows them to focus on the true positive rather than the toxic negatives.

Another quality that keeps them looking young is they are not bound by their fears.  I have never heard my mom say that she is on a diet nor has she ever made it apparent that she is concerned about her body.  She is also not afraid to speak the truth and will say exactly what is on her mind, particularly with family.  Authentic people tend not to compete nor compare themselves to others, so their lives are not revolving around “winning”.

Relinquishing the need to win requires that we let go of the need to control.  Control can be a sign of weakness, where one constantly fights to protect one’s comfort zone.  This element is a big demon, since the need to control your environment includes the need to control other people.  Controlling people tend to have issues with building intimate relationships with others, particularly isolating those people closest to them, and especially their family.  It is critical that we learn to respect the individuality and uniqueness of everyone and not try to change them to be us.  This is undoubtedly one of the most challenging things to deal with in our life, and it takes a lot of self-respect and self-love.

Lastly, let go of any resentment in our life.  This is probably the single most important thing to overcome when we are trying to move forward in our life with inner peace and happiness.  When we hold onto resentment, for example, our ex marriages or anyone rejecting us, this type of negative energy slowly destroys us from the inside out.  The signs start manifesting by aging us prematurely, because the energy is very constrictive.  When we cannot “let go”, we are not free to move forward, nor are we able to live in a truly positive state.  Let’s start forgiving those who have hurt us by changing our perspective to come from a place of strength rather than weakness.  Understand clearly that everything that happens to us is for a reason and this reason is to allow us to learn and move forward with that knowledge and wisdom to avoid the same issue in the future.  Whoever might have hurt us in the past is no longer in the position of power to hurt us again, unless we allow it.  So, for this, we can forgive the past and look forward to a different future of whatever we choose.

So, the secret to looking younger than your age is the feeling of freedom.  Freedom from resentment, freedom from insecurities, and most importantly, freedom from fears.

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