Susan Hum | Together in Your Journey to Empowerment
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Like the monarch butterfly who experiences metamorphosis and symbolizes hope, so is our purpose in this life to grow, to change and to evolve.  Our journey of transformation requires going deep within and letting go of all fears one by one, so that necessary change can take place within The Mind, The Body and The Spirit.   From here, we see new possibilities, new way of being which will set us free and empower us with choices to create and live the life we are meant to live.


  • Change is critical to evolving, to attaining the greatest sense of inner peace and security… ...

  • Trust in yourself and others will in turn trust in you. Just this alone with bring peace and love into this world…...





A deeper understanding of what’s causing confusion or complacency in you and for creating a plan to move past sticking points.

Astro Numerology

Astro-numerological methods is highly beneficial in creating a greater understanding of self and of people around us.

Life Coaching

Many of us hit a fork in our life where our inner wisdom forces us into the need to make major transformations in ourselves and within our lives.


Team Energy and Collective Spirit!

  • Powerful group learning experience

  • We are never alone

  • Connecting with others is living

  • Free yourself from fears

Are you ready to experience the greatest awakening and enlightenment?


Let’s conduct a Life Review together!

  • Know your Life Purpose

  • Is everything you do dictated by your fears?

  • Embrace your natural talents and learn how to strengthen your weaknesses

  • Understand your challenges and life lessons

Are ready to be empowered with a deeper understanding of your life and why you are here?

Life Coaching

Let’s get authentic!

  • Feeling lost? Find yourself again

  • Remove any self-sabotage and self-doubt blocking you from moving forward

  • Take back your power to be in the driver’s seat of your life

  • Love and value yourself

Are you ready to start manifesting everything you desire in life?

Susan’s Story

Nearly 25 years ago, I started my journey of self-exploration to fully understand what Life Purpose means. Today, I am fulfilling my dream as a Mind Mastery & Success Coach. Trained in Western and Eastern holistic wellness philosophies, I use both methodologies in my work to guide people through life transitions, reinventions and removing blocks in order to move forward towards optimal happiness. I believe that we are all born with a road-map that, if we are aligned with its purpose, brings pure fulfillment and joy to our lives. It is for this reason that I am so passionate about finding one’s authentic self. Authenticity is the single most important aspect of self that, when achieved, brings us the empowerment needed to create the life we desire. This is how I live my own life, how I parent, and how I intend to influence everyone who crosses my path.


Creating a fulfilling life is being empowered….